Fundamentals Of Software Architecture: An Engineering Approach

Finished reading: Fundamentals Of Software Architecture: An Engineering Approach by Mark Richards 📚

This was a great read! Mark and Neal did an excellent job capturing a good definition (the definition?) of the Software Architect job and responsibilities. This book will guide me through the next couple of years while I’m refining my own work.

One of the stengths, for me, lies in the context they provide: not just bragging away about how many microservices your next project should have, but looking back a little bit to the history of different architectures and how that evolved into the architectural styles that we currently know. It provides context for how to choose a certain style with clear pros and cons for all of them.

Another strong part is the talk about “soft skills”. Being a software architect is usually regarded as just being the most technically skilled person in the team, but it is so much more than that. From being able to coach and mentor, to negotiation, to requirements engineering, to presenting. It acknoledges all of the skills that are required of a software architect beyond the technical are discussed openly, which is refreshing to read about.

Pascal de Vink @pascaldevink